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Exciting news for all fitness buffs

Central Park Update – Exciting news for all fitness buffs – here’s a preview of the state of the art MyEquilibria fitness equipment that TDC have ordered for the dedicated exercise area in Central Park. The individual equipment pieces have been overlaid onto these photos to show where they will be located when they arrive.

This equipment will include a Wellness stone, Hi Level pull-ups, Converging bars and Box jumps high and low. The MyEquilibria app which shows users how to use each piece of equipment will be available to be downloaded and contains 500 videos of workouts developed by personal trainers.

This equipment was ordered late last year and is due to arrive in NZ and be installed mid this year but like everything COVID is impacting some time-frames so fingers crossed it arrives on time

NB: Drone photo taken in January and Artist’s overlay of where the equipment will be sited.

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