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Central Park Update

We are excited to share with you images of what Central Park will look like. Thanks to the team at Canopy for these artist’s impressions.

Central Park will be the hub of The Meadows – comprising a café, bar/restaurant, convenience store, barber/hairdresser and Early Childhood Learning Centre – all set amidst a beautifully landscaped park area for people to relax in and enjoy.

Building is scheduled to start on the Commercial buildings later this year and the plan is to have this whole area finished in the second half of next year.

To find out more information on any of the available sections contact our Building Partners, G.J. Gardner Homes NZ 03 543 9502, Jennian Homes 03 544 4390 or Milestone Homes (03) 543 8663, or visit Nelson’s Showhome Village and take a look around their beautiful display homes.

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